Zubelzu Piparrak is a family business that has grown and produced peppers from Ibarra in a sustainable way with the Eusko Label quality certificate since 1994.

Our pepper, also known as piparra, fleshy and thin skinned, is renowned in the market and is not only served as a side dish, it is also used as base in a wide variety of appetizers. In 2012 we launched our first gilda, the classic one, in collaboration with Azti Tecnalia, a company that works in food research. Thus, we became the first company to market this classic Basque pintxo already prepared and ready-to-eat.

Afterwards, came the gilda with anchovy, the gilda with quail egg and the gilda with cheese. The genuine quality of our gildas, all of them made with our piparra, has been awarded the “TQ Superior Taste Award, seal of superior quality”; with one star in 2016.

The constant search for new flavours has led us to develop a wide range of products derived from chilli peppers. Our latest contribution has been the piparra mousse, also awarded the “TQ Superior Taste Award, a seal of superior quality” with one star in 2020. It is a perfect chilli pâté to accompany meat and fish, and can be a delicious addition to sauces. In collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center, we have developed a recipe book for cooking with our exquisite mousse, which you can download here.

We know that behind the secret of our success there are also people, and that is why we surround ourselves with the best team. Without joint work this would not have been possible.